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‘Boxed In – Think In’ is a unique, immersive, and breath-taking new escape adventure that is set to take the city by storm. Featuring over 80 absorbing challenges and puzzles, all contained within 6 – 12 boxes, fun seekers and puzzle lovers must team up and race against the clock to try and complete as many cubes as possible.

Encouraging participants to work together and ‘think inside the box’ for a change, ‘Boxed In – Think In’ presents astonishing challenges and puzzles that cover all kinds of topics, skills and talents. Designed to surprise and delight even the most experienced and passionate puzzle enthusiast, team members of all ages will feel totally absorbed, have a brilliant time and be able to contribute towards completing every box.

Brought to you by the team behind the ultra-successful experiences Tepfactor Dubai and Prison Island Abu Dhabi.


Level 3 – Near the food court – Inside Prison Island – Abu Dhabi Mall

The regular price is 79 AED for a 1 hour race. Get a special discount if you extend for an additional hour. Special packages are available for events and groups.

Absolutely! Get in touch to plan an “OUT OF THE BOX” custom event package.

Every race is 1 hour. You can decide how many races to join.

Minimum 1 and maximum 4 players per team. Each race has a limit of 10 teams.

Everyone! Enjoy the challenges with your friends, family, colleagues, classmates or even for a birthday party.

There is no age limit. But we recommend 10+ years for maximum enjoyment.

Whatever you’re comfortable in!

Yes. We always recommend you book online or give us a call to make sure there is availability in the race slot you prefer.

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